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An overall identity and strategy is like a mosaik: every piece of it is important
An overall identity and strategy is like a mosaik: every piece of it is important

How we work

We start the identity process with an initial consultation and background research on your target audience. Once your needs are established, we address these needs in an effective way:

What you can expect from us:

  1. Confidentiality - We do NOT share confidential information, addresses, or e-mail with anyone. We will not work for clients who are directly competitive. If requested, we will willingly sign a Nondisclosure Agreement.
  2. Estimates & Proposals - Normally, we will make one free, introductory visit. When sufficient information is provided, we will follow with a written proposal including costs, terms and conditions. If information is unavailable, pricing will be based on an hourly rate. Our proposals remain valid for three months from the date of the proposal unless otherwise stated. We cannot accept work contingent on approval of the work.
  3. Work & Delivery - Our work is provided as detailed in our proposal or formal correspondence. Each assignment is comprised of two equal sections: 1) audience, product specifics, market objectives, budget and approvals - your responsibility, and  2) concepts, management and production - our responsibility.

    Our final output becomes, after payment, the property of the client organization except in the case of illustration or photography, or where otherwise indicated. All preparatory materials remain the property of ICV.

What we expect from you:

  1. Approvals & Authorization -  We normally will begin work only after you sign an Authorization to Begin Form. Note all work must approved in writing before printing.
  2. Payment - The client is financially obligated for work done, whether or not it is used. Our charges are payable within 30 days delivery of our invoice. Commitment fees are due upon acceptance of the proposal.

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