Electronic Media

The Internet is the only means of communication which allows us to provide reference supports throughout the world and to update them at any moment without notice. It is also the most versatile: the Internet allows the target audiences to interact with your supports and messages, while increasing the retention and allows for the carrying out of viral marketing campaigns.

These possibilities, combined with reduced costs, make the Internet into the mostly rapidly developing medium.


  • The least costly medium today to reach one’s target
  • The use of pre-existing social networks allows for the rapid development of the notoriety of the brand and/or to reach other marketing tools
  • Getting the right message across to the right messengers in the right environment
  • Measurable results (readers, countries, popular questions, etc.)
  • Tailor-made services (writing of texts, graphic design, PDF, online videos, languages, training, etc.)

How does it work?

Following the initial consultation, we follow a process of three steps:

  • Phase 1 - We propose several concepts for the final electronic product and provide cost estimates for each, including the shipping costs.
  • Phase 2 - We incorporate your eventual corrections and revisions.
  • Phase 3 - We deliver the final electronic product and can coordinate the web-broadcasts and feedbacks.

Contact us directly for a cost proposal and a work plan: icvs [at]